Frequently Asked Questions

Over the next several months I will be adding to this page. There are many questions that get asked over and over. This will help. (I hope).

Q: When will the Barnabus Curry book be ready?
A: I am hoping the book will be ready by next summer (2010). I know it is taking longer than I wanted, but I want to make sure that I get through all the census records through 1930. All the census data will be available in the book.

Q: Where do you get your research?
A: I prefer primary records, birth, marriage, death, wills, deeds, Bibles, etc. However, there are missing years in most of the counties involved in the Barnabus Curry lines. Therefore I have to resort to some secondary records, censuses, SSDI, transcriptions from others, etc. I have also tried to find other genealogy folks who have knowledge of their particular branch of the Curry tree. They have been very helpful.