Arial View of Logan West Virginia

Descendants of Barnabus Curry of Logan County, WV

My name is Laura Curry Loding. I am a direct descendant of Barnabus Curry of Logan Co. West Virginia. I am currently trying to document as much information as I can about his descendants. Where they went, what happened, and what became of them. If you have any information on any of the folks here, please drop me a line. I'm happy to share this information as it is important that correct information get posted. If you have any family stories you would like to share they are welcome also.

I found in my research so much erroneous information that I pretty much decided to start from scratch, and document what I can find. Any documented changes are welcomed. As I will only correct what can be documented.

I'm going to be including additional Curry families over the next few months. Hiram Curry of Lincoln Co., WV and Samuel Curry of Boone Co., WV. As I'm not a descendant of these two, I have not spent nearly the amount of time that I have on Barnabus. However, just the researching of the same surname in the same area has resulted in much information on these folks as well. I would be happy to include any additional information on here and I am debating adding them to the Barnabus Book as well.

Thanks again for looking, and I hope to meet many more cousins from this project.


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